Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Names...

In less than a week Garland and I will (hopefully) find out if we are having a boy or a girl! Since it will be an early ultrasound (14 wks), it will depend on if Baby A is being cooperative or not... But if any of you read my blog on secret baby names you know that baby names have been a big deal to me for a long time! One thing people don't usually realize when they talk to me about baby names is that because we tried for so long to have a baby we have also had our baby names picked out for a long time. So as soon as we got pregnant people would ask, "So, have you thought of any baby names?" And to their surprise we would tell them, yep, they're already chosen!
Which brings me to my next point, what are the names?! First of all, let me make this observation that people don't like to talk about a lot. It's okay if you don't love my baby names, if you loved them you would have used them. This is a simple idea that seems taboo to many people. Obviously, every person has a different style and taste in names and that's totally okay! However, I should mention that even if someone's baby name needs to grow on you, don't say it out loud, people! Polite discretion is ALWAYS required when it comes to a) baby names, b) wedding dresses, and c) that pesky 10 pounds you put on over Christmas.

So here they are in no certain order:
If it is a boy, we will name him Titus James
Titus: Of the Giants, defender
Titus was also a close companion to Paul, someone that Paul thought of like a beloved son.
James: To take the place of; to replace, to supersede
We chose this name because it is a family name passed down from Garland's dad's side (Garland's first name is James, did you know that?)

If it is a girl, we will name her Hadassah May (Haddie)
Hadassah: Hebrew name for Esther; it means Myrtle Tree and is a symbol for victory
If you have read the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers then you know how lovely the character of Hadassah is. She embodies the biblical ideal of having a gentle and quiet spirit and while I know she is fictional, I still feel as though she would be a great role model for our daughter. 
-Also, it's important to note that while her name would be Hadassah, we plan on calling her Haddie. I love this name!
May: Our due date is May 1st and I wanted a one syllable middle name after such a long first name. Plus Garland said he wanted a "southern belle" so I let him pick. He is so in love with the name Haddie May!

So there you have it! Titus James or Haddie May. What do you think it will be???

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  1. I love your names Sarah and you are so right they are YOUR names and you and Garland are the ones having the baby so if someone doesn't like them they don't have to say they should just say that is awesome you already know your names and move on with life. I have heard that with our names sometimes and I'm just like well I am the one going through labor I will name them what I want lol. If we want 2 middle names then that is what we will do. We have had our names picked out for long time also, just waiting for God to bless us with a baby :)