Monday, December 10, 2012

8 Months

Dear Titus,
At 8 months...
  • You weigh about 20 pounds
  • You are wearing 6-9 month clothes (pants are still long) and size 3 diapers
  • We switched you this week to a convertible car seat because you outgrew your infant car seat already. You don't seem to like it much better!
  • You sleep from 7:30-7:30 (12 hours), and only take 2 naps now. 
  • Your naps are normally at 10 (1.5 hours) and 2:30 (1.5 hours) but you STILL wake up in the middle of your naps no matter what I do! Eventually you go back to sleep but I'm hoping you grow out of this soon. 
  • Your sound for this month is growling like a moster. 
  • You have two teeth coming in on your bottom gums and they are making you CRANKY! I can feel the bumps and the skin on top is white, but no tooth yet! I think we will see them this week.
  • Teething rings have become our best friend! You like anything you can put in your mouth that is cold, including water bottles or glasses.
  • You have started eating some table food (it's really more like sucking on table food). You like pickles, mashed potatoes, crackers, and lemons. Daddy gave you some chocolate syrup and you LOVED that. But you're still not good at chewing and seem to have no desire to pick up food and put it in your mouth.
  • As far as your food schedule you drink about 8-10oz between 7-10 (and sometimes baby food), 8-10oz + baby food lunch between 11:30-2:30, 8-12oz +baby food dinner between 4:00-7:00.
  • When we go out to eat you sit up in a high chair like a big boy (except we have to put a blanket behind you because you don't fill up the whole seat).
  • You have started trying to pull your legs up underneath you but you usually only get one and look a little like Egor. No crawling yet but I bet you will be before the next update!
  • You stand up and hold onto things (table, fireplace bricks) by yourself now. You love it!
  • You have cried ONE tear. Haha, I guess that's better than none!
  • Your favorite toy right now is the rubber spoon you eat with. You get so mad when I take it out of your hand! Or for that matter, when I take anything out of your hand. Do not remove object from baby!
  • You love anything shaped like a stick that you can use to hit things. You are such a boy!
  • You laugh every time I say, "Hey, droolie," or when we go outside and I say, "brrrr!"
  • You reach for EVERYTHING. Finally, after 8 long months, nothing is safe at our house. We have to keep all breakable, hot, or spillable objects out of your reach.
  • You still love your jumper, you are in that things for hours every day.
Oh, how funny you are, Titus James! We never get tired of hearing your old man laugh and I am really hoping it sticks with you (at least through toddlerhood). Everyone says you look and sound like an old man trapped in a baby's body and I find that to be adorable. Everywhere we go you take in all the sights with your big, blue eyes and long lashes and talk and talk and talk about everything you are seeing. It should come as no surprise that you are a vocal baby seeing as how mommy and daddy like to talk a lot, too. You make every day an adventure for us and we wouldn't change a single thing. We love you to the moon and back, sweet boy.