Monday, October 10, 2011

WWMD? (What Would Mother Do)

A lot of people ask "how did Mother react when she found out you were pregnant?" (Mother is Garland's mom, that's what both of the boys call her) The reason people ask is because mother has been begging us to have babies for a LONG time. So long in fact, that the first time I met his mother we all went out to dinner and she asked what I had eaten that day, stating, "We gotta have a healthy momma for my grandbabies!"
Yes. That happened.

Anyway, so knowing that this reaction could be pretty stellar, we made sure to video tape it. Here's the setup: I was 5 weeks pregnant and so we wrapped up a poppy seed in a bag and wrapped that in a box (note that the first thing she says in the video is, "no announcement?" she is always hoping we are going to tell her we're pregnant, little did she know it was real this time!). When she opened it she was obviously confused, she had no idea what it was. At this point, you'll hear Garland say, "that's a poppy seed, it's the size of your grandchild." Commence the squealing. Also, don't miss the high five between Mother and Garland's step-dad, classic. (P.S. Garland's brother is filming and turns the camera sideways at around 1 minute, so you may want to turn it off at that point, but don't worry, all the good stuff happens before that)

Okay, so round 2. We drove up to Missouri that weekend to tell my mom (we used the same seed in the bag trick) and while I knew she would be excited, I did not realize she would be THIS excited! Oh my, words cannot express how happy this video makes me! (note: mom hugs everyone in the room with the same level of excitement, including Ashley's random friend Holly and my Uncle, who is somewhat hard of hearing so I'm not even sure if he knew what was going on).

Hope you enjoyed being a part of the family festivities!


  1. This is so wonderful Sarah! I am so excited for you guys! You are going to make awesome parents :) I love that you taped the reactions of the parents! I will have to remember to do that when we have news to share :)

  2. sweetest thing ever. very excited for you guys!

  3. Oh my gosh. Your mom cracked me up!! I could not stop laughing because her reaction was priceless. Congratulations, again!! SOOOOO incredibly exciting!!

  4. Susie squealing, Garland laughing......they should be ring tones! So happy for you guys!