Saturday, July 12, 2014

Haddie Mae: 3 Months

Dear Haddie Mae,
At three months old you...
  • Weigh 13lbs and are wearing size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes.
  • Prefer nursing over bottle feeding, but you'll take the bottle (5oz)
  • You eat for about 20 minutes each feeding
  • You don't spend much time on your tummy because you still throw up every time you lay down
  • We used your bumbo for the first time this week and you love it! You also love your play mat
  • Your last feeding is usually between 7:30-8:30. You still sleep swaddled and in your rock n' play. You usually wake up once around 5:00 and a few times have slept through til 6:30am.
  • You look a lot like your brother sometimes, but sometimes I think you don't look like any of us!
  • You still wake up happy and you will smile and coo at almost anyone right after a feeding or right after a nap.
  • We've been working on you napping in your swing or rock n' play but you still mostly catnap unless you're being held. 
  • You have started to like the carseat even less.
  • If you have your paci you can be rocked to sleep by almost anyone at anytime. This is so great!
  • You have started smiling and focusing on Titus which is so adorable!
  • You have a better wardrobe and accessory collection than I do.
Quick update on Titus:
You are a little over two and...
  • You weigh 25 pounds and wear size 18-24m pants and 24m/2T shirts
  • You sleep from about 9 to 7:30and take one nap from about 2:00-3:30/4:00.
  • You are still obsessed with letters. You now know all the letter sounds and can spell your own name. You also write letters in chalk all over the trampoline, fence, and brick patio. Not to mention making letters with your fingers!
  • Your vocabulary has increased SO much! You repeat everything and have started putting 3-4 word sentences together. You love "Haddie gurrl" and singing her your ABCs.
  • You are obsessed with wrestling, jumping and playing rough. It is unbelievable how all-boy you are! I don't think I was ready for how much testosterone would be in a little guy!
  • Your favorite toy is your golf club set. You play a round in the yard for half an hour at a time
  • Your watch the Curious George movie allllll the time. You also have started watching Wipeout and when someone falls down you say, "Oh no!" or "Oh, gosh!"
  • Your favorite foods are pizza, any kind of meat (chicken, pulled pork, bacon, steak), hard boiled eggs (yuck), pickles, raisins, "chocky milk" (chocolate milk), "cockle" (popcicle), Chic-Fil-A, watermelon, all kinds of berries, and popcorn.
  • Your worst habit right now is yelling "MINE!!" about everything. I can't wait til you outgrow this phase!
  • When you misbehave or yell at me I say, "that makes mommy sad," and you stop yelling and say, "hug" and come wrap around my legs. You are just too sweet :)