Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Haddie Mae: 11 Months

Dear Haddie Mae,
At 11 months you...

  • You weigh 22ish pounds and I can't wait to see those chubby thighs waddle around this summer!
  • You are wearing 12 month clothes but still have tiny little feet (size 2 or so)
  • You sleep from 7pm-6:45am, and still take 2 naps (9:30 and 2:00)
  • You are FINALLY crawling! It's a slow and tedious process, but you are really enjoying being able to move around on your own. You still prefer walking while we hold your hands to crawling, though.
  • We like to say that you don't walk, you dance. You never take normal steps around the house, you're always excitedly bouncing around like you're dancing
  • Your favorite toys are rocks, dirty shoes, scrap paper and anything else you shouldn't put in your mouth
  •  You get really dramatic when I take things away from you. And the three times I've had to tell you no (chewing on a lamp cord, trying to swallow a rock, etc.) you immediately started crying crocodile tears and sniffling. I can't even imagine what you are going to be like as a teenager!
  • I am starting to see a lot of teeth when you smile. You got in the two bottom middle ones first, and then got in two top teeth, but not in the middle, the two on either side of the middle! Thankfully, now the middle two teeth are coming in, but I think your smile is going to look a little interesting for a couple of weeks with that big gap in the middle :)
  • You like to toss your pacifiers over the crib railing when you wake up
  • You love planking, you do it all the time
  • Your favorite foods are turkey, toast, french fries, pickles, shredded cheese, baby puffs, ground beef, chicken, raspberries, and baby food. You still don't like any veggies and strawberries seem to give you a little bit of a rash
  • You play the bashful routine anytime someone new looks at you (burying your head in my shoulder or the ground, but looking up at them and smiling from the corner of your eye). This is exactly what you do during Peek-a-boo, too, which is one of your favorite activities
  • You still won't drink more than 5oz in a sitting because you want to be moving and playing
  • You have started using a sippy cup some but you don't like water!
  • You like to stand at your toy table and play for a little while, but in general you want to change activities about every five minutes
  • You love to stand at the back door and look out the windows at what Titus and the dogs are doing in the backyard
  • You are in a big girl car seat now and you don't like it very much!
  • You like to watch Elmo and Sesame Street but a lot of times end up watching shows like Team Umi Zoomi because that's what brother is watching
  • You love to push buttons on anything electronic, especially my phone and the tv remote
  • When you get sleepy you alternate between covering your ears and your eyes, like you're trying to block out all sights and sounds 
  • You love to be cuddled and rocked when you are going to sleep
  • When you're falling asleep in your crib you have a paci in your mouth and you also have to have one in your hand to hold
I think this month has flown by the fastest of all! You are almost ONE sweet girl! I love that you are becoming more mobile even though I know that means it'll be more work for mommy trying to chase you around. It is so sweet to watch you crawl around the house, you still do a little dance jiving during the process, so it kind of seems like you've always got a song playing in your head and you are just dancing to the beat. Speaking of dancing, you are ALWAYS dancing! You love the record player and dance to CCR with your brother and daddy. And if I start singing or even if my phone starts ringing you will start bouncing around wherever you are. I love to see how much joy that music brings you, it's just one more way that we get to see your sweet and happy personality shine through. We love you all the way up to the moon and back, baby love!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Haddie Mae: 10 months

Dear Haddie Mae,
At 10 months...

  • You weigh 20ish pounds but are still very short, which makes for an adorably chubby body!
  • You are wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers just like your brother because you poop through the smaller size...
  • You sleep from 7pm-7am (12 hours), and still take 2 naps (9:30 and 2:00)
  • You have started getting up on your hands and knees and rocking, but still no crawling (although sometimes you accidentally move backward). You are trying to take some steps (assisted) and you want to be standing ALL the time.
  • Your favorite toy is any stuffed animal, baby doll, even the dog treat box with a dog face on it. You just want to be interacting with someone at all times!
  • You have gotten 5 teeth in the last month and have another one on the way!
  • You like to roll around in your crib and talk to your pacifiers before you fall asleep
  • Your favorite foods are turkey, toast, sandwiches, veggie straws, and sometimes baby food (mostly fruit). But you prefer table food over baby food now.
  • You have REALLY come into your own personality this month! All the sudden you are making funny faces and talking and having preferences over toys and activities
  • You have started babbling like crazy! You love talking, squealing, and making all kinds of noises
  • You still drink about 5oz per bottle and eat 3 meals a day, but a lot of times those are more like snack. You don't really care much about food!
  • You have figured out how to use a sippy cup although you much prefer your bottle
  • You don't want to sit in your jumper anymore because you want to be moving around
  • You like sitting on the trampoline while Titus jumps around you
  • When we're in the car you always pull your carseat overhead visor down so you can get a full view of your brother. He babbles and sings to you and you think it's so funny! But you don't fall asleep in your carseat anymore either, sad day!
  • People say you look a lot like your brother as a baby but you definitely still have red hair.
  • You are happiest when there are other kids around to play with, and you have started trying to hug and kiss them
  • Your separation anxiety has gotten a lot better, you don't seem to mind me leaving as much as long as you don't see me go. But you do get particular about bedtime and sometimes you won't take a bottle from anyone but me.
  • You like going outside for walks but would generally prefer I carry you in the baby carrier than to sit in the stroller for more than 15 minutes
  • Your favorite game is when I blow in your face and when we play peekaboo 
  • You hate being left alone in a room by yourself
Haddie Mae I have just been shocked at how much personality has come out in you this month! You have always been sweet and content, but that was more your temperament than your actual personality. But now you are really starting to come into your own and I can't get enough of each little piece that makes you unique! A lot of the time when you are super talkative or making funny faces you don't even know I'm watching, you are just entertaining yourself. You have lots of little conversations with your baby doll or stuffed animals and I just know you are telling them how special they are and how much you love them because that's the kind of sweetness you are made of! You are such an easy smiler and sometimes you are bashful and bury your head in my shirt, but you give out giggles and grins to anyone who will keep eye contact with you for long enough. We are so thankful for you, baby love! These first 10 months have gone by too fast, but I can't be too sad because I love every phase of yours more than the last.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Titus: 2 Years and 9 Months

Dear Titus,
At almost 3 years...
  • Words I would use to describe you: creative, thoughtful, short-tempered, sweet, nurturing, repetitive, independent
  • You have started pretending when you play. You like to make food with your playdoh (usually pickles and hot dogs) which you want me to eat. I also hear you occasionally talking to a toy about the rules and telling it to go to time out. 
  • You have become way more obedient in the past few months. You spent a lot of time in time out (or just in your crib reading books when you needed to cool down) and you've become acquainted with the paddle. But I think it's mostly because your communication skills have really gotten to a point where you can explain yourself better. 
  • You are doing better with your naps and starting to sleep in your big bed some. We haven't fully transitioned out of your crib, but we're getting close.
  • You are the best big brother. You pile up toys around "Baybee Hahdee" and put her paci in when she gets upset. As soon as she makes a noise on the monitor in the morning or after a nap you will say, "Time doe det Baybee Hahdee! Doe det Baybee Hahdee, Mommy!" and you run in there and climb in her crib. Then you usually start saying, "mamamamamama! dadadadada!" because you know she thinks it's funny when I say that.
  • Right now your favorite things are letters (still), playdoh, kids scissors (you just cut paper up forever and ever), youtube videos and anything you can write with
  • Every morning you get up and say, "ready doe car?" meaning you want to get in the car and go somewhere. Then when we do get in the car you inevitably crawl in the front seat when I'm not looking and throw a fit when you have to get in your carseat. You love riding in the driver's seat down to Brooks' house!
  • You have started sounding out words but you don't really like to do it with me very often, you'd rather write your letters and numbers instead.
  • You get SO MAD if someone pushes or hits you or takes a toy from you and I don't let you push or hit them back. You just fall to the floor and cry, just let a kid defend himself, mom!
  • Speaking of falling to the floor... You are still VERY dramatic. You throw yourself on the floor when you get upset, even about the smallest thing. You have very little patience when it comes to accomplishing a task, you usually give up after one try and start wailing. 
  •  You have started asking me a lot of questions. "Are you told?" (cold) "Is dat good?" (food) "I look pretty?"
  • You repeat a lot of things, including when daddy calls me "babe," then the next time you address me you say things like, "is dat good, babe?" Daddy learned the this lesson the hard way when you started trying to repeat him when he said "dadgummit" but it comes out like "oh, dammit!" He now says "goodness gracious." :)
  • You usually want to pray before bed, but I've had to start telling you, "remember, we don't pray for letters and numbers" because all you want to say you're thankful for is every single letter and number (it's neverending!)
  • When I ask you who your best friend is you usually say Mommy or Brooks
  • Your favorite foods are hot dog, pickle, hamburger, apple sauce, yogurt, blackberries and strawberries, Mac n cheese, pizza, and ice cream, of course. 
  • You love "school" (Mother's Day Out) and your teachers say you write and draw letters all day long. You also like our trips to the gym so you can play with the big kids. 
  • When we are driving you will tell me to go "dis way" and then cry if we don't (even if you point through someone's yard). 
  • Anytime you're cold you request a towel because that's what warms you up after bath time. 
  • You like the idea of going potty, and if I ask you then you'll run in and pee on your little potty. But you are terrified of the "big boy potty" and won't even think about pooping anywhere but your diaper, so for now we are not pushing potty training.
  • You helped Daddy take down your crib this month and now you are sleeping in your big boy bed. You didn't even seem to notice much!

You are such a special piece of our family, Titus James. You keep things from ever being boring and are constantly saying new things that get daddy and I laughing like crazy. But you are also very independent, so if I'm putting Haddie down for a nap or busy in the kitchen, you will play with toys by yourself (sometimes for 30-45 minutes!). You are also good about entertaining Haddie if I need to get dressed or go to the bathroom. You will take out a million toys and pile them up around her so she can "play" with you. She smiles at you unlike she smiles at anyone else; she is always watching you no matter where you go and just waits for you to look her direction so she can giggle at you again. I am so glad that you are the best of friends! Even though you're only 2, sometimes I feel like you are going on 12 because you are so smart and helpful. You are definitely the firstborn child, you love to throw things away and help me "cwean up." 
At night time when I put you to bed you and I have a little ritual that goes like this:
Me: I love you to the moon
You: And back
Me: To infinity
You: And eeyond (beyond)
Me: Forever
You And ever

This will always be true, my sweet boy! You were my first little baby and in a lot of ways you will always be that in my heart :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Haddie Mae: 9 Months

Dear Haddie Mae,
At 9 months...

  • You weigh 18.5 pounds
  • You are wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers
  • You are in the 15th percentile for height, 50th for weight and 50th for head size (much more proportionate than brother at this stage!)
  • You sleep from 6:30/7pm-7am (12 hours), and only take 2 naps (9:30 and 2:00)
  • You still hate being on your stomach and have no interest in crawling, but you love to stand. The pediatrician said at your last appointment that you'll most likely just skip crawling and decide to take steps at some point (I doubt it will be anytime soon though!)
  • Your favorite toy right now is anything with lights
  • You have 1/2 a tooth and a lot of gums! You have been working on teeth for a while, and I think you have a couple more that will break through anyday, but right now we just have 1/2 a tooth on the bottom :)
  • You have had 3-4 colds thanks to big brother sharing his germy love, but you handle them like a trooper. You usually have a couple of nights where you sleep bad (because you can't keep your paci in while you cough) but other than that you don't seem to let it bother you much
  • You have started finding your pacifiers in the crib at night by yourself, which is awesome!
  • We had your first Christmas! You loved watching the Christmas tree and playing with the lights when we took it down. When we boxed up the lights it was the first time I've ever seen you upset to have something taken away from you.
  • When it's time for your nap we'll just lay you in your crib (sometimes after a bottle, sometimes not) and you'll just fall asleep! I seriously don't know if we can have another baby after you because you are so easy!
  • You've started gumming some real food. You love baby crunchers (like fake cheetos), yogurt drops, cheerios, and sometimes banana. You've tried zucchini and strawberries and seemed pretty neutral.
  • You have started saying, "mama mamama" but not much else. You mostly just smile at us bashfully
  • You drink about 5oz per bottle and eat 3 meals a day, sometimes having snacks in between
  • We've introduced the sippy cup as well as water, neither if which you care very much for.
  • You LOVE your big brother. You laugh and smile at him anytime he's close by
  • You have started crying when I'm out of sight, especially if it's night time and you think I'm leaving. It's sad but it's also very sweet :)
  • You have what we call "jazz hands" where you constantly twist your hands at your wrists and it looks like you are always in mid-dance
    The word I would use to describe you is content. You don't cry a whole lot and you don't demand very much. You are happy to sit on the floor and play by yourself as long as I am in eye sight. Even when we're in restaurants you'll just sit in your carseat and chew on your paci or play with your toes. Sometimes I'll bring you toys but mostly you're happy with just my car keys or a snack! I am so excited to see how your personality comes out more as you get older. Brother was into everything from at your age and would get frustrated when he didn't have what he wanted (he's still like that). But you, little one, you are happy to just be here, and I hope this means you will always have a spirit of contentedness. I could pray nothing more for you as a young woman than you would be satisfied with the body, talents, and life that God has given you and that you wouldn't feel the need to be jealous or envious of those around you. This is such a hard thing to accomplish in our world and I think God creates some people that just handle it better from the get-go. We love you to the moon and back, baby love. Never forget that you lack nothing that really matters in this world. You have the love of a Savior and the love of your family, stay content and rest in that.

    Friday, December 12, 2014

    Haddie Mae: 8 months

    Dear Haddie,
    At 8 months...
    • You wear 9 month clothes
    • You weigh 18.5 pounds but are still very short (which makes for an adorably chubby body!)
    • You wear size 3 diapers
    • People often mistake you for a boy, which is probably my fault because I dress you in a lot of navy and blue since it compliments your fair skin and red hair
    • You take 2 naps a day, usually around 10 and 2. You go to bed between 6:30-7:30, usually closer to 6:30-7:00 though.
    • You usually eat about 6 bottles a day with about 5-6oz in each. 
    • You eat 2-3 meals a day depending on your nap schedule- your favorite foods are zucchini and corn, mac n cheese, and almost anything with fruit.
    • You are finally sleeping through the night (7 to 7) without any feedings, and rarely even need me to put your paci back in. Just this week you figured out how to find one in your crib (I keep like 4 in there) which has been awesome
    • You are finally napping in the crib and are no longer swaddled while you sleep
    • You have started being bashful around people and will bury your head in your car seat or my shoulder when you are feeling shy. But you never completely bury your face because you want to know where everyone is at all times. 
    • Your favorite toys are anything that is not a toy (car keys, spoon, shoe, etc). Especially a medicine syringe, water bottle and your brother's hair. 
    • You are getting two teeth in on the bottom, but they are just barely coming through. Even when you're teething you're still a great baby, slightly fussier on occasion and you want to be held a lot, but it doesn't seem to affect your sleeping or behavior too much. You do eat less and drink more milk, though. 
    • You can sit up by yourself and I've started helping you stand and hold onto the table
    • You still refuse to lay on your stomach, ever, for any reason
    • You love your daddy, I'm pretty sure he's your favorite person. As soon as he walks through the door at night you track him everywhere he goes and you constantly smile and laugh at him 
    • You have started holding your own bottle and do pretty well with feeding yourself
    • You have started crying sometimes if I leave you in the living room alone
    • You think your big brother hung the moon. Seriously. You watch him so intently and laugh even when he's not doing something funny. He puts your paci in when you cry and has fed you a bottle and constantly smothers you in hugs an kisses. 
    • You get crazy with other kids. You start laughing and kicking like crazy, it's the only time we see you get hyper
    • You are still a great car sleeper and I am so thankful for that!

    There is a song by Jars of Clay called "Love Song for a Savior" and I have been singing it as I rock you to sleep this week. Here are the lyrics:

    In open fields of wild flowers,
    she breathes the air and flies away
    She thanks her Jesus for the daises and the roses
    in no simple language
    Someday she'll understand the meaning of it all
    He's more than the laughter or the stars in the heavens
    As close a heartbeat or a song on her lips
    Someday she'll trust Him and learn how to see Him
    Someday He'll call her and she will come running
    and fall in His arms and the tears will fall down and she'll pray,
    "I want to fall in love with You"

    Oh, baby love. As I sit and rock you I look at your long lashes on your cheeks as you close your eyes, and your sweet dimpled hand resting on my chest, and I pray over and over again, "Lord, let this precious girl fall in love with you." All of the love and beauty and joy you have experienced so far in this world, it all comes from one place, Jesus. Rest in that, my littlest love. He is unwavering, he will protect you and love you fiercely, more than even Mommy and Daddy. We dream of so many things for your life, little one, but the biggest hope of all is that you learn to love Him fiercely, too. 

    We love you to the moon and back, Haddie Mae. 

     Your hair is still very red!