Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craft Addict

Now that Garland and I have lived in our home for a year and a half, I am realizing I have a problem. It was so so so fun to decorate everything when we first moved in, we literally painted and decorated every wall from scratch. I loved getting to google decorating ideas and make my own stuff to go around the house instead of buying it. The problem is, I still want to make stuff to put around the house but I have run out of room!
My latest decorating kick has been an obsession with burlap! Yes, burlap. I want to take down everything in my house and put up this earthy, textured material. Do you think anyone has ever wallpapered in burlap? Maybe I could get in Martha Stewart Magazine...

LUCKILY... My beautiful friend, Sydney Baker (soon to be Ross! yippee!) is getting married this weekend and is donating all the burlap material from her reception to our community group women for craft night! So I'm hoping to have some of these fun projects up in our home before too long...

Covered Magnet Board

Burlap Wreath

Table Runner

Christmas Gifts!!! I'm totally doing this

Lavender Press Frame

Stamped Monogram Pillow

Holiday Flag Hanging

Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bad Dream

So last night I dreamt (is that a word? you don't say dreamed or dreameded...)
So last night I had a dream that Garland and I were having a baby. And I remember that I was starting to go into labor and I was freaking out because it hurt! So they wheeled me to the hospital and I immediately begged for the epidural. Well this must have been some epidural because the next thing I remembered was waking up after labor (wouldn't it be nice if it really happened like that, you could skip all the hard parts and wake up afterward to a perfect baby?).

I look across the room and there's Garland holding our sweet, precious baby boy. I was so excited because it looked so sweet and he tells me,
"I already named him. Antebellum. Antebellum Autry."

I start to hysterically cry and freak out and I start shouting, "YOU IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU! EVERYONE WILL CALL  HIM LADY! LADY ANTEBELLUM AUTRY! HE'S A BOOOOOOYYYYY!!!!!"

weird, huh?