Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dirty Thirty Party

My sister-in-law, Christen, wanted to throw my brother a surprise party to celebrate his 30th birthday. We settled on the theme "Dirty Thirty," so think camo, deer heads, tank tops, trucker hats, and lots of Little Debbie snacks. Here is what came of it!

He was genuinely surprised!

Cardboard is a staple of hillbilly decor
The "Pisser," aka, the bathroom

Hang a clothesline through the room
 Some "tabacky" (Big League Chew)
 mustaches, tattoos, and candy cigarettes
 Classy decor! Fake flowers in an empty 2 liter bottle
 Drinks chilled in a wheelbarrow
 Don't forget to have some puppy chow and Little Debbie snacks as "or derves"
Don't forget the costumes! Cigarette behind the air, torn jeans, and of course, plenty of American flags!
 Flannel, nascar tshirt, and John Deere hat (I'm not really in costume because I didn't have time to change after decorating!)
 Leopard tanks, shiny/skin tight skirt with neon tights, and of course cut-off shirts. And don't forget to include a gun for some good photo ops!
 You can't leave the house without your hair done. Oh wait, yes you can.
 Mustaches for all!
I made Titus a onesie that says "I like my women just a little on the trashy side" with kisses on the back!

 Happy 30th birthday, bub!


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