Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Haddie: 1 Month

Dear Haddie,
At one month old you...

  • Breastfeed for 20 minutes every 3 hours during the day.
  • Wear newborn diapers but are outgrowing NB clothes
  • Weigh a little over 9 pounds
  • Don't nap well during the day, usually because you are having trouble with gas. You hate Gripe Water but will take gas drops. Neither really help much but thankfully you don't cry too much even when you're overtired! You do think you want to eat constantly, though, if you're tired.
  • You sleep a 5-6 hour stretch at night. You've done a few nights of 7-8 hours, but not for the last week.
  • You spit up and get really bad hiccups after a lot of your feedings. I hope you don't have reflux like Titus!
  • You sleep in the Rock n' Play in your nursery
  • You haven't done any tummy time yet because you throw up or get unhappy. You actually don't really seem to like any wake time activity except being held with your paci in or watching the bird mobile on your swing.
  • You sleep pretty well in the swing but only like the swing to be on after you're asleep
  • You don't mind having your diaper changed, even in the middle of the night
  • You love bath time! You sit there quietly and look around the whole time. You seem so peaceful!
  • My favorite time of day with you is when you smile in your sleep. I can't wait to see that happen on purpose!
  • You love lifting your head up when being burped and are very strong
  • You prefer to fall asleep being cradled sideways instead of on my shoulder like brother
  • You love your paci, like a whole lot. So far you like using a Soothie best
  • We don't know who you look like exactly! There's definitely some mommy and daddy in there, but you look most like big brother Titus.
  • You have crazy long eyelashes! They are beautiful and I am jealous
  • Your hair is still red. We are all so curious to see if it stays that way!
  • You don't like being in your carseat at all.
So far you have been a pretty easy baby! Even though you don't nap much and aren't very content when you are awake (probably because you're tired) you don't cry about it, you just squirm and whine a little. But luckily you have your big brother to keep you entertained when you are awake all day, and he showers you with kisses and high fives. Every time I look at you two together I get so excited thinking about the future giggles and secrets that you will share. We are so lucky to have you, sweet Haddie Mae! We already love you to the moon and back.