Monday, January 3, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Well once again the holidays are over and once again I am ready to move on with the new year! As much as I love holidays with our families, moving between 6 Christmases is just a lot to handle, so by January 1st I was ready to say goodbye to Christmas and New Year's and hello to 2011!

Here are some of the amazing Christmas presents that I got this year:

My new Nikon D3100-SO excited about this little guy. I have always loved taking pictures and looked forward to one day owning a camera that could meet my passion with quality. I can't wait to have some beginner's training sessions with my sweet friend Brooke Robinson! She is an amazing photographer (you can check out her stuff at

My next favorite gift was my 4D Concepts rolling craft organizer! I love this thing SO much! It is three feet tall and has tons and tons of bins to hold all my stuff. I can finally have separate containers for stamps, inks, paints, accessories, and a separate bin for each color of paper! I admit my nerdiness on this one...

My last favorite gift was my NASB Ryrie Study Bible that Garland got me. This bible is cool for two reasons: 1) Garland gave it to me to replace the bible that Bosco ate (which was the bible that Garland gave to me on our wedding day inscribed with my new name), and 2) it is a NASB cross reference and commentary bible, so it pretty much tells me anything I would want to know about scripture in the most literal translation possible. This bible makes studying so much easier and it makes researching passages much less intimidating. I would highly recommend it!

Thanks to all my favorite gift givers for such a wonderful array of presents! 
Hope you had a merry Christmas and Santa gave you everything you asked for.

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