Monday, April 7, 2014

Titus' 2nd Birthday Party

My friend Heather and I delivered our baby boys 4 days apart, and after both throwing huge blowout parties last year, we learned the error of our ways and just threw one party this year to celebrate both boys. We also realized that rather than dirty either of our houses we should just do it outside at their favorite playground and call it a day.. Since Brooks and Titus both like Curious George, it was an easy selection for our party theme!

Titus started out cranky because he had to be woken up from his nap early, but also because (surprisingly, given who his parents are) he does not like crowds or lots of people talking or staring at him. But once Garland took him out to the open field to throw the ball around and he ate four pickles, he was ready to party :)

 Both birthday boys liked to pick off the sprinkles more than eat the cake


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  1. Titus' 2nd Birthday Party is so cute!! My son is just two and I too hosted his 2nd birthday bash at the beachside LA venue. It was a sun shine inspired DIY party and all the family members helped with all the décor and food stuff. It truly turned out to be a fantastic event.