Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby #2- Second Trimester!

Everyone says your second pregnancies go by faster and they are not joking! I can't believe I'm almost to the 3rd trimester. Some days I'm super excited and can't wait to hold our sweet baby girl, other days I would be happy being pregnant for another 6-8 months :) Ready or not...

Pregnancy Update
How far along?  26 weeks
Total weight gain: 18lbs
Maternity clothes? Loving them. I could live in elastic waistbands.
Sleep: I have a hard time getting comfortable enough to fall asleep, but once I do I'm usually okay through the night. Luckily I stopped having to pee so frequently after the first trimester, but Haddie likes to party around 11 or 12, so that doesn't help with the falling asleep part. At least she doesn't wake up dancing at 5am like Titus always did during my first pregnancy!
Best moment this week: Feeling Haddie kick hard enough that everyone could feel her from the outside. Garland was able to feel her weeks ago, but they were little kicks, now they are much stronger.

Miss Anything? Not being tired all the time. No matter how much sleep I get at night I almost always still need a nap to get through the day. And sometimes I just can't hardly pull myself off the couch during the day to chase Tito around the house.
Movement: Lots! It's my favorite part of being pregnant
Food cravings: Anything with chocolate and peanut butter, milk, PB&J
Anything making you queasy or sick: Mexican food still makes me feel nauseous a lot. And for some reason vegetables/salad haven't sounded very good the last few weeks. Also the idea of cleaning the bathrooms, just thinking about it makes me gag.
Gender: Shockingly... A girl! (see here for gender reveal post)

Labor Signs: no, but I do keep dreaming about going into preterm labor which is freaking me out a little. Titus was 3 weeks early but I would be happy for Haddie to be on time (I need a little more mental prep!)
Symptoms: A little heartburn, exhausted, can't see my feet very well, sometimes hard to put pants/shoes on
Belly Button in or out? In for now, but we're getting pretty close to surface level at this point
Wedding rings on or off? on-no swelling yet
Happy or Moody most of the time: Not feeling hormonal moody hardly at all, yay! But I do cry easier during movies/sad stories/etc.
Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery (okay fine, starting the nursery)

Here's a picture at 24 weeks (sorry, I haven't taken a new one yet)



  1. Sarah - I found your blog through an acquaintance. First, thank you for posting about PPD/PPA. I had such a hard time with my first, and thought that maybe I battled a tinge of one of those. After reading your story, I now know that it was PPA. We too, were surprised with our second one. Like weren't even trying and were surprised. HA! I didn't have any PPA with the second one, and I was worried I would. So, I wish you good luck! And the second one is easier. :o)

    1. That's actually very encouraging! I feel so much more prepared to parent this time around, but as you know, PPA/PPD can make even the most confident parent feel incapable of enjoying the infant months at times! I am really crossing my fingers that I have an easier time with the second, glad to hear it was for you! Can't wait to check out your blog and see your cute kiddos :)