Monday, September 10, 2012

5 Month Update

This has been the first month that seemed to have less than 30 days! I can't believe how quickly we got to you being 5 months old...

Dear Titus,
At five months...
  • You eat 6oz every 3.5-4 hours (about 25oz a day)
  • You weight about 16.5 lbs
  • You sleep unswaddled in your crib from around 8:30-7:00 (10-11 hours)
  • You still wear size 2 diapers, but wear size 3 diapers at night
  • You are ticklish! And sometimes you have a deep belly laugh that sounds like a grown man :)
  • You are in a phase where you scream when you get excited. You think it's so funny! But you also scream when you are bored, tired, hungry, mad, happy, talking.... You are just really loud in general (surprise!)
  • All daddy has to do is look at you and you start laughing! You think he is the funniest person ever (but mommy still gets the most smiles)
  • You LOVE your jumper. You can't reach the ground yet, though, so we have to put a box under your feet.
  • You are in the 30th percentile for body and 70th for head size...
  • You have started jabbering a lot and practicing new mouth noises
  • You are doing a bit of teething so your favorite toy is your Sophie Giraffe from Aunt Katelyn. You chew on that thing (as well as fingers) non-stop!
  • You figured out how the mirror works and you laugh at yourself when you look at it. You must think you're pretty funny!
  • Your eyes are settling into a deeper blue than mine. You may have even less genetics from me than we previously thought! :) But they are beautiful.
  • You are doing these belly crunches when you lay on our laps because you want to sit up on your own. In time, sweet boy!
  • You are really great at standing (with help) and you love to do it all the time!
  • You finally have a nap schedule for the most part (yaaaay!!). You take 2- hour and a half naps (usually around 9am and 1pm) and then a shorter catnap (30-45min) around 4-5pm. You almost always nap in your swing (you still won't nap in your crib).
  • You are closer to wearing 6 month clothes than 3 month, but they're still a little big on you.
  • You have really started noticing Bosco and Lucy and love to watch them wherever they go.
  • You have started cuddling into my chest when someone makes you smile like you are bashful. It is the cutest thing ever and makes your mommy feel so loved!

Titus James you are adorable! The older you get the more like your daddy you become. You love watching football and you are LOUD :) I love that you are like him already but I pray that you would grow to be a man of God like he is. I pray that you would be a faithful and serving husband to your wife one day, that you would be a respected leader in your community who is known for being wise and just, and I pray that you would prize the Lord above all else. You are so lucky to have your daddy to look up to and I hope that you will be just like him one day... with maybe just a little better clothing ;)

 Reaching for those toes!

This is your typical stance: always doing crunches trying to sit up on your own! 


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