Friday, July 6, 2012

3 Months!

We made it to the 3 month mark! Somehow it seems like it has flown by but has also moved extremely slow. Titus is definitely getting more of a personality during his wake time and it is so fun! I feel like the most difficult part of this month has been his ever changing schedule. He has moved out of the "newborn" phase and is starting to show some daily patterns, but just when he seems to be getting into a routine he decides he doesn't like that schedule anymore and throws me completely off! It's been a trip for sure :)

Dear Titus,
At 3 months...

  • You weigh about 12.5 pounds
  • You eat 4-5 oz of pumped breast milk if given a bottle and nurse for 30-40 minutes every 3 hours (sometimes 4 if you get a good nap)
  • You almost always poop when you're eating and make the funniest face like "that wasn't me"
  • You go to bed around 8-8:30 and sleep til around 5 where you'll wake up and eat for 30ish minutes. Sometimes you go back to bed right away, sometimes you squirm around and I have to give you your pacifier a few different times. You usually get up for the day around 7-7:30.
  • You wear size 1 diapers and some 0-3 month clothes (they're still a little baggy, but I'm impatient! They're all really cute)
  • You HATE taking naps, it's like you don't want to miss out on anything even when you're exhausted! "Nap time" is around 10am and 2pm everyday with a catnap around 5ish, but most of the time you fight going to sleep unless I hold you. Good thing you're so darn cute or I might lose it!
  • Anytime you are on your tummy you roll over to your back. You hate tummy time! But at least it's gotten you really good at rolling :)
  • You have little to no interest in toys, you would much rather lay on the floor and watch people or the ceiling fan
  • You tried formula for the first time and made a really funny face! But you ate it and didn't have any problems, so that's good!
  • You smile and giggle a lot. You love when I sing "itsy bitsy spider" or the song from the bandaid commercials (I am stuck on bandaid brand...). Anytime someone sits down and talks to you it usually makes you laugh, I think you got such a joyful spirit from your daddy!
  • You sit up in your bumbo like a big boy
  • You still sleep in your rock n'play because of your reflux, but we just moved you up to two doses of Prevacid a day instead of 1 (now 15mg total), so hopefully that will keep you feeling good.
  • Still hate getting in your car seat but can handle it about 50% of the time if we are actually moving.
  • And you make the cutest cutest CUTEST little sighs and coos. I melt every time I hear you make one of those happy sounds!

Mommy and daddy love you very much, even when you are being so high-maintenance! But you can grow out of it anytime you're ready, I won't be upset ;) You are precious to us, sweet boy!


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  1. Hey I am from BBC! Your blog is adorable and your son is soooooo cute!!