Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Dear First House,
You have been a wonderful place to call home. We moved in with two cars full of boxes and a bed, but slowly we filled you with refurbished furniture that we bought at thrift stores because we were poor newlyweds.

You were the house we came home to after our honeymoon and had the perfect place for every wedding present we received.

You were the place we brought home our first addition to the family one month after getting married, our puppy Bosco. And you were the place we brought his sister home to a year later when Lucy joined the clan. You have welcomed their slobber, muddy foot prints, many accidents, and lots of fur.

You were the place we had countless cell groups and leader meetings, a place where students felt loved and welcomed. No one cared how small you were, what you lacked in size you made up for in coziness and comfort.

You were the guinea pig for MANY Garland Autry home improvement projects, and although not all were done perfectly, they were all done in love.

Most importantly, first house, you were the place we brought home our greatest blessing, Titus James. He will never remember living here or what you were like, but I will never forget coming home with that six pound bundle and looking around your rooms in awe of how everything could look exactly the same and yet never be the same again. I will never forget the hours I spent holding him in the living room, sitting with him on the back patio watching Garland play with the dogs, and the thousands of kisses I gave him in his first nursery as I rocked him to sleep.

Even though you are just a "thing" and I place my treasure in my salvation, I know that God gave us the blessing of our first home to grow our marriage and fill our hearts with joy. So goodbye, 4058 Foxborow Drive, you will always hold a special place in our hearts :)


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