Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Month!!

Titus is officially one month old today! I can finally look back on the last four weeks and confirm that it does, indeed, get easier! It's still not a piece of cake, but Titus and I are already getting into more of a daily ritual.

Dear Titus,
At one month old you...

  • Eat for 30-40 minutes every 3 1/2-4 hours during the day, followed by about 30-45 minutes of awake time.
  • Starting at 3 weeks you began having trouble getting out your gas and you wake yourself up during your naps. Gripe Water helps a lot and fortunately you will go back to sleep if mommy holds you against her chest :)
  • You sleep a 5-6 hour stretch at night and daddy feeds you one bottle at night, where you eat about 3.5-4 oz.
  • You love tummy time! You will do it for about 15 minutes before you are ready to switch activities.
  • You do NOT like bouncers but you LOVE your swing.
  • Your biggest pet peeve is being cold! You never want to be naked and basically only cry when you get your diaper changed. You also love being swaddled even though you try to get your hands out sometimes...
  • Bath time is still confusing you to, I think you want to like it but the getting naked part starts you off in a bad place. You make the cutest confused face the whole time you're in the tub, like you're trying to figure out whether to cry or giggle.
  • My favorite time of day with you is when you start to fall asleep. Your facial expressions change every couple of seconds and you seem like you're having the best dreams ever! Plus this is when I get to see your dimples that you got from your daddy :)
  • You love lifting your head off my shoulder when you get burped and starting around 2 weeks could lift your head from side to side during tummy time. You are a strong little man!
  • You have been wearing premie outfits until this past week when you have been able to wear some VERY SMALL newborn outfits. Most regular newborn outfits are still too long on you!
  • You don't use your binkie very often but you're beginning to get the hang of it! When you have it in you mouth you have started pressing the back of your hand against it to keep it in.
  • You look EXACTLY like your daddy did as a baby!
I can't wait for you to begin smiling and cooing at me! Mommy loves you so much and is so thankful that you are a very healthy baby. Lots of people have prayed for you, sweet baby boy, and our prayers were answered! You are such a blessing and I can't wait to see everything you do in the next month :)


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