Friday, February 17, 2012

Guest Bedroom Wall Art

In the process of preparing for Titus, we have been cleaning, painting, reorganizing, and changing around spare bedrooms. Our guest room became the nursery and our office became a guest room, which of course I had to redecorate! Thank goodness for Urban Outfitters who makes incredibly cheap duvet covers which made for a quick flip!
     I didn't have much wall space in the guest bedroom to decorate (it is also my workout room and the dog kennel room), but I did want to do one large piece of art on the very big blank wall by the window. My friend Courtney gave me the idea to do 4 large canvas' in colors that matched my new duvet, so I decided to take that idea and run with it. 

Step 1: Decide what I wanted to write on the canvas' and put down stickers to paint over and peel off later. I went with It Is Well because 1) This might be my favorite hymn of all time, and 2) the lyrics matched my new woodland duvet cover! (deer, racoons, trees, etc. I promise it is cuter than it sounds-no camo included)

Step 2: Find out how many stickers/letters I would need and how I would want them organized on the page. I knew I wanted all the words to be toward the center of the the canvas' as a whole, so I just needed to make sure I spaced them in a way I liked.

Step 3: Place stickers on canvas

Step 4: Paint canvas'

 Step 5: Let dry overnight, then peel off stickers. Okay, TRY to peel off stickers. But guess what? I put my sticky stickers on too well and they wouldn't come off... So what I ended up doing was painting over the letters instead, which worked out really well because it gave them a slightly 3D effect to the words off the canvas. 
Here is what I think would fix it: Next time I would paint over the canvas in white paint THEN put the stickers down. The stickers directly on the canvas made it impossible for them to peel off all the way.

This is what it looked like when I tried to peel the stickers off

Impromptu fix! Just paint over the stickers :)

All four completed with paint!

Step 6: Hang on wall!

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