Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3D Ultrasound... Cool or Not Cool?

When we decided we wanted to do a 3D ultrasound of Titus I immediately knew one of two things would happen: 
1) I would look at it and go, "eh, it looks pretty much like every other baby ultrasound."
2) I would look at it and because I knew it belonged to me I would see Garland and I in that tiny face even though it didn't really look much like us at all.

I thought I would be more like 95% option 1 and 5% option 2, but surprisingly, I was probably more like 70%/30%. While I definitely thought he looked like a generic baby for the most part, I also noticed right away that he had some pretty full lips. This was so fun because Garland and I both have healthy sized lips and I knew this was definitely something unique to Titus because most babies don't have much fat to go around at 29 weeks, so lips aren't usually super defined by this point. He also looked like he could maybe, just maybe have Garland's nose. It's really too early to tell, but it was fun to guess!

Overall, here is my synopsis: It was difficult to get a good picture. It has to be the perfect storm of the baby turned the right way, the placenta and umbilical cord out of the way, and nothing floating in front of him. We had to go back two times (the first time he wouldn't even budge and face the camera) and we still didn't get a lot of great pics. My ultrasound tech is sweet and has offered to try a third time next week, which is so nice, but I hate that it so difficult to get a good picture that this is necessary. Overall, I say this was a cool experience but for the price (3D is not covered by your insurance), I don't know if I would do it again.

But here is the fruit of this hard work, anyway! I will boldly say I have the most handsome looking sepia colored blob in all the world.

Face (umbilical cord is the string covering up his left eye)
leg and foot (seeing toes was actually really cool)
 Full lips!
 Ten tiny toes! I love this picture
 Garland's nose? I think so.


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