Monday, May 16, 2011

A Bloggie for My Doggie(s)

Today I am writing in honor of the 3rd and 4th members of our family, Bosco and Lucy. Today I read a friend's blog post about having to put down the dog she and her husband got as a newborn and had had for 11 years. The dog had an emergency medical problem and he was fine in the morning but by the afternoon they were having to make the hard decision to spend thousands of dollars on surgery with no guarantee of recovery or put him to sleep. They chose to put him to sleep and as I read her sweet words and memories about their four legged family member, I hate to admit it, but I shed a tear or two. It just really got me thinking about the inevitable, that one day, my sweet puppies will no longer be with me. It's the sad truth behind pet ownership that no one likes to talk about, but it is extremely likely that you will outlive your pets (and not just one pet, but probably multiple cycles of pets in a lifetime).

If you ask our friend Derek, we spend way too much time and energy on our dogs (which is most likely true). When thinking about going on vacation or discuss our hectic schedules for the week, we always have the "who's going to take care of the dogs?" conversation. Yes, we give them way more attention and loving than they need but at the end of the day they are a responsibility and they have to get fed and cared for even without our constant coddling. 
But what Derek and others don't understand is that most of the time it's really not a hassle for me because I love them like family members. They are included in our occasional date nights at home (NBC Thursday Night Lineup, takeout, and a two person/two dog pileup on the couch), we love taking them on day trips to see family or go to the river/park/hiking trails, and they definitely have distinct personalities that keep G and I laughing constantly at their interaction together. I know my dogs likes/dislikes better than most of my friends (Bosco hates broccoli but loves bananas, Lucy will eat literally anything-including rocks, her own fur balls on the floor, and dead bugs), and they can tell by the tone of my voice what I want them to be doing (or stop doing on most occasions). And the best part is, they listen.
I think most importantly (and this is literally about as sappy as it gets, so don't read on unless you're ready to be taken into Lifetime Movie Script), they unconditionally believe the best of me. I can yell at them for eating my shoe, forget to walk them, or banish them to the backyard when they are annoying me, but each morning I will still be greeted with Lucy putting her front paws up on the side of the bed and licking my arm "good morning," and Bosco will still lay at my feet while I brush my teeth just to be close to me. 
They are refreshing friendships in which I never have to worry about them holding a grudge, or telling them they don't look fat, or make up small talk if there's an awkward lull in conversation. They never care if I'm not wearing makeup, or if I don't feel like pretending I'm happy when I'm not, or if I watch completely vapid TV shows like Real Housewives (this is one of their favorite to nap during). 
We have inside jokes (if Lucy is hiding under a bed I start singing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and she always comes running) and silly bits (I have gotten Bosco's "Diva" and "Bang Bang Play Dead" trick down pat) and I know they will always be a source of comfort and cuddling and non-judgement in even the worst of moments. I can't tell you the number of times I've come home from a hard day at work or after a silly fight with the Hubby and they just crawl up on the bed beside me and lay their heads on my leg/lap/chest and look up at me. It's that quiet, that easiness of just laying there and soaking in their adoration that lightens the moment and makes it seem like maybe it will be okay after all.

So here's to you, Bosco, who thinks he is a guard dog but instead of attacking only licks your arm and tries to play, and Lucy, who we like to think is half pug half pig and sometimes looks like a bat when she is really tired. You are the best doggies in the whole world and I don't care what anyone says, until we have children you will be spoiled like children!

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