Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Garland and I are not known for being super patient people when it comes to starting something new... So it wasn't a surprise that we opted to get a puppy less than a month after getting married and moving into our first home. We found an absolutely precious puppy at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter that we just couldn't stop thinking about, so we took him home! The shelter and vet guessed that he was a mixture of shepard, rottweiler, and possibly black lab. We named him Bosco, after George Costanza's ATM password (his favorite brand of chocolate syrup when he was growing up).

Here are some pictures of Bosco taken by Brooke Robinson when he went over for a play date with the Robinsons so I could buy groceries!

He was so tiny... He weighed 7 pounds when we took him home.

He is such a good dog! We love him very, very much :)
His favorite toy (before he chewed it up): A mini Bosco!
He loves swimming at the Buffalo!

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