Thursday, August 4, 2016

Haddie: Summer 2016

  • You have hit a growth spurt and are catching up in height to Titus. People mistake you for twins pretty often
  • Your favorite foods are... no food. You don't want to eat much of anything. Most of your meals consist of the same rotation of a few things: pickles, turkey, yogurt, goldfish, strawberries. You sometimes scarf down pizza, spaghetti, or french fries, and then other times you don't care for them at all. You will eat a little ice cream or other desserts, but not a lot.
  • You really like to dance and you especially like it if we're dancing with you because you imitate our moves (it's hilarious)
  • Most of this summer you spent in just a diaper or even naked. By noon you are usually wet, muddy or a combination of both
  • You don't seem to miss school at all, but you do ask about "Si Si?" which is what you call Zion, your best friend in your class
  • One of our friends said you have the highest, sweetest voice of any toddler she's met. It's so true, everything about your voice is ultra feminine!
  • You have started going to bed later, like 8/8:30 and wake up around 7/7:30. You still take a great afternoon nap, usually 2 hours and sometimes as long as 3.5 hours.
  • You are obsessed with other babies, although sometimes your affection is still too rough
  • Your favorite toy right now is an old hand-me-down Finding Nemo or the stuffed cat you got from Grandmother
  • You have started throwing a lot more fits. There are a lot of tears accompanied by melodramatic sobbing. These can go on for a looooonnnnng time and I am starting to get a picture of how 13 may look for you ;)
  • You love playing in the stream at Gulley Park, your favorite part is throwing rocks in the water
  • I have been trying to not give you the paci in the car (only in the crib) and you will wail from the backseat, "PAAAAA-CCCEEEEEEYYY" LIKE YOU ARE DYING. This is also hilarious to me
  • Your play really well independently, but you also like to play with Titus a lot (when he's being nice to you)
  • You love making animal noises and when we ask you what sound a Haddie makes you say, "Ah Hah-eeeee!" and pat your chest
  • Your favorite shows are Little Einsteins, Rescue Bots (thank to Brother you're obsessed too) and Horton Hears a Who
  • I hear you say frequently to your dolls/animals/pacis, "no ma'am!" which is clearly something you have been hearing a lot lately
  • You have recently discovered Princess outfits/jewelry/shoes and walk around with a wand saying, "Princess time!"
  • You say, "no ma'am!" all the time to Titus (you don't know "no sir!" is a thing). This is mostly because a) you hear that from me, and b) Titus says it to you A LOT
  • When you wake up in the morning Titus usually brings you books and toys in your crib. This is one of your favorite things!
  • You have recently started to not like bedtime very much (kicking and screaming when you are getting your jammies put on). Once we put you in the crib and leave the room you start to cry, but you always calm down almost immediately when we sing to you through the baby monitor.
  • Titus recently developed a fear of thunder and after one particularly scary freak out, you became scared too. Now when I ask you if you want to go outside, you frequently say, "no tanks. It waining." (even though it never is)
You have started talking so much and I'm loving hearing you put 2-3 word sentences together. When you are throwing a fit I will ask you to use your words and you usually say, "that." Which isn't super helpful but eventually you usually explain what I need to know. When we went to the beach this summer you were a little nervous about the water, but it didn't take much to convince you it would be a good time. You liked to go out past the waves with me and just lay back with your floaties, cross your ankles, and close your eyes while you floated in the sun. This pretty much sums you up: laid back, fun loving, adventurous, a big time momma's girl, and a casual lounger. We love you, sweet girl!

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