Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Haddie Mae: 7 months

Dear Haddie,
At 7 months...
  • You wear 6-9 month clothes but pants are big around your waist
  • You weigh about 16 pounds.
  • You wear size 3 diapers
  • People make a lot of comments about how you look like your brother and especially how red your hair still is!
  • You take 2 naps a day, usually around 10 and 2. If you take a good afternoon nap (sleeping til after 4), you'll stay up til 7:30. If your afternoon nap is short you will go to bed around 6:30.
  • I get up with you a few times a night, usually to put your paci back in. A lot of people suggest I let you figure out how to soothe yourself back to sleep, but you are just such an incredibly good baby that I can't help but indulge you in the one thing you are a diva about (night time paci). But you don't always wake up, occasionally you sleep through til 6:30 or 7 and I feel like a new woman!
  • Sometimes you eat in the middle of the night but sometimes you wait til an early morning feeding (5:30-6:30am) and then go usually go back to sleep until 7:30 or 8. When you wake in the middle of the night and want to eat it's usually because you don't feel good.
  • You still nap swaddled in your swing like a champ (usually 1.5-3 hours each nap). Since you're the second child I haven't tried to move you, because WHY MESS WITH A GOOD THING?! We'll get there once you're too big for the swing.
  • When you get tired you start rubbing your head back and forth, back and forth.
  • Your favorite toys are the tv remote, walker and jumper (you finally figured out how to bounce!). 
  • You can sit up by yourself but I spot you because when you get excited you fall over
  • You still don't like to be on your tummy, I guess we will just skip crawling!
  • You have been sick A LOT because big brother Titus brings a lot of germies home and then kisses you a million times. You don't seem to be too grumpy about it, but it does make you sleep pretty poorly
  • You sleep in the crib at night (when you're not sick, then you sleep in the swing to be inclined)
  • When I am feeding you something you don't like or cleaning your face, sucking your nose, etc., you blow raspberries to stop me from doing it.
  • Your favorite past-time is LITERALLY staring deeply into other people's eyes. You just want to make a social connection with anyone who is willing and will be happy as long as someone is holding you and making eye contact.
  • You love when I sing "Baby love, I need your love, I need your love, oh, how I need your love..."
  • You smile and giggle so much when other kids are around! Even when they are not paying attention to you, you are still trying to engage and smile at them
  • You love when I play peek-a-boo and say "ma ma ma ma ma... da da da da da..."
I can't even count the number of times I have said "I'll eat you up, I love you so!" the last few weeks. Everything about you makes me want to smother you with hugs and kisses. I want to give you ponies and palaces and princess clothes, you have me completely wrapped around your finger! And not just me, when you look at daddy he drops everything he's doing to try and get a smile from you (which isn't hard, you love your daddy! You track him all around the house from the minute he gets home). And big brother Titus isn't immune either, he LOVES to make you laugh and is always asking to "hold Baybee Hah-dee." He also puts your paci back in when you cry and tells you, "it otay, Baybee Hah-dee," in the car when you are crying. And if anyone else gets too close to you, watch out! He is very protective and says, "no, that my Baybee Hah-dee!" We are all so luck to have you as a part of our family! You are the perfect piece to fit into our chaotic puzzle :) We love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever.

 Brother refused to sit with us for the family photo (not unusual)
 Halloween in North Carolina! We went to visit our sweet friends, the Fosters, and all of you were "super kids" (super girl, super man, and super baby!)


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