Monday, September 26, 2011

Pet Peeves

When people put the toilet paper on the roller so it rolls under instead of over.

The sound of popping gum. Not just like the one big bubble that pops, but the people that make multiple air pockets in their gum and then pop them all in succession. 

Watching hearing someone clip their toenails/fingernails. Not joking, totally makes me gag for some reason.

When men leave the toilet seat up. This just leaves me with an unnecessary amount of toilet touching.

When I go to a restaurant and my drink is empty during the eating portion. Sure, you can make your way over here when I'm just sipping and talking, but when I'm DYING OF THIRST (slightly dramatic) you can't fill up my drink for 15 minutes? Sheesh.

When I an't change the channel on our TV because Garland is recording 13 football games at once.

Work peeve: People who are late for appointments/don't show up for appointments when you called to confirm two hours earlier.

When Garland piles his dirty laundry on the closet floor (they call it a LAUNDRY basket for a reason, honey, and it's because it holds LAUNDRY).

When people come over and put their giant, dripping Slim's/Sonic/Chic-Fil-A cup on my table (that part's not a peeve) and then leave for the night and I have to dump out/throw away the soggy cup.

I know that some of these are pretty strange, but I can't be the only one with weird pet peeves. Anyone else have something that just really drives them crazy?

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