Monday, November 8, 2010

Ten Things

Thing 1) Barn Bash was this past weekend and I have never seen so much flannel in one place. Courtney Matthews looked like a mix between a pirate and a homeless man.

Thing 2) I am desperately craving anything that includes chocolate and peanut butter, be it an Andy's concrete or just straight up, delicious Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.

Thing 3) I am trying very hard (even as I type this) to not hum, sing, mouth trumpet, or listen to Christmas music of any kind, for fear that I would get sick of it before Christmas. However, I am desperately wanting to hear some Ben Rector Christmas music (confession: I listened to it in the shower last night. I am weak).

Thing 4) I am so sick of watching football. I would be completely happy if no more football games were played until next August.

Thing 5) I love the current weather, but I can't seem to figure out if I need to be wearing my light jacket or my heavy jacket or just a sweater. No matter what I chose, I fail and end up sweating or freezing all day/night.

Thing 6) Garland's family has what I call the "Autry Itch," which is not a communicable disease as it sounds, but rather a disorder in which they get the itch to change something much faster than a regular person (ex. paint/redecorate, get a new dog, buy a new house, etc.). The statement I said eariler about it not being a communicable disease was maybe a half truth because I'm pretty sure I've caught it. I want to buy a new house and fix it up all over again!

Thing 7) I hate insurance. Doctor's are so expensive. Insurance covers basically nothing.

Thing 8) Garland cut Bosco's nails last night and Bosco yanked away on the last one causing Garland to cut a little too deep, which lead to Bosco bleeding and although it was only a tiny baby cut, because he kept running and jumping it looked like we gutted a dear on the back porch.

Thing 9) I am coming to realize that Garland and I have a real problem not having people over. If we are sitting at home and no one is there I'm always wondering, "Where is everybody? Why is everyone so busy?" This leads me to believe that we may be the worst empty nesters that ever existed. I may end up with like 12043213 pets.

Thing 10) It's only Monday (sigh). Here comes the rest of the week.

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