Thursday, July 29, 2010


 Well this was an experience to both remember fondly and forget as quickly as possible. From summer 2009 through spring 2010 I worked to finished my Masters in the Art of Teaching (MAT) degree at the University of Arkansas. Basically, I taught for free for a year (full time) while attending a full course load of graduate classes and conducting research to complete my Master's Thesis. It was AWFUL. I have never been so stressed/furious/confused/challenged/frustrated in my whole life. HOWEVER, it was an incredible program and I would highly recommend it. I know, that sounds ridiculous after what I just described, but truly, if you wanna be a good teacher, this program will put you in the top applicants. The teaching experience was priceless and had I decided to teach, I have no doubt I could have walked into any classroom and felt prepared.  Plus I met some great friends!

That being said, here is what made it all worthwhile, graduation day! Here's to you: beautiful, wonderful, hilarious fellow interns that made life worth living last year!

Fourth grade team
My family
Garland and I
Me with my sister, Ashley

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