Saturday, March 9, 2013

11 Months

Dear Titus,
At 11 months you...
  • You weigh about 20 pounds.
  • You are wearing 9-12 month clothes (pants are still long) and size 4 diapers.
  • Your sleep has been weird the last few weeks and you've been sleeping 7:30/8 until 6:15-6:30! You. Are. Killing me. Get back on schedule, child! You still take two naps (10:30 and 2:30).
  • Your two bottom teeth are all the way in and you have FOUR top teeth that came in at the same time. Yikes.
  • You learned how to stand up in your crib last month and I think it's so cute seeing you on the monitor holding onto the railing. You look like the captain of your very own crib boat :)
  • You have officially reached the "drop everything to see what happens" phase. Off your high chair, pulling things off the coffee table, anything you can grab.
  • You have learned what the word "no" means, and your favorite "no" activity is turning off the tv or turning on the xbox. When I say "no Titus" in my stern voice you shiver like you're cold! You also stop pushing the button and don't do it anymore so I guess you don't like to get in trouble.
  • You still don't have "stranger danger" or cry when we leave or drop you off at the nursery. But when we are in a large crowd you do like to stay close to me and you're pretty serious. People try to make you laugh and you just bury your head in my shoulder or stare at them.
  • You are eating tons of table food, we let you try most things we're eating. Your current favorites are blueberries but you don't care much for grapes.
  • When we close the back door you cry because you want to be outside (even when it's raining or freezing!). Your daddy said yesterday he's never seen a baby this passionate about being outside! It's so true.
  • You are getting so blonde! Everyone comments on it when they see you.
  • We bought an iPad holder for the car and you have FINALLY stopped yelling and crying everywhere we go. I've never been more thankful for technology!
  • You pull up on everything, which means you also fall off a lot of things! Every day you have a new bruise on that big, sweet head of yours.
  • All you want to do all day is WALK. You can't do it alone yet, so you hold my hands and basically run through the house or use your walker to walk by yourself.
  • You offer me your food and think it's so funny if I eat some of it. I love that you're sharing!
  • I catch you talking to yourself when you're playing alone and I keep wondering when you'll say you first word and what it will be. I have my money on "fan" or "dog!"
  • You love it when mommy or daddy dance- you start smiling and giggling like it's the most hilarious thing ever! You've even started rocking back and forth as your own "dance."
Oh sweet boy, where to begin? You have become even more fun over the past couple of months. Your personality is really starting to show and I'm not ashamed to admit that you are a total momma's boy! There is something so fulfilling about pouring so much time and energy into you each day and then seeing you recognize me as the one to go to when you need comfort or giggles. You also love your daddy, and your favorite thing to do with him is to "play video games" when he does. Daddy gives you a remote and lets you push all the buttons just like he does and you think it's so fun! We could not be more excited for each new stage of entertaining things you learn how to do, but we will miss our "baby" when he turns a year old next month. But no matter how old or big or grown up you get, you will always be mine. We love you to the moon and back, buddy.


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